Looking to connect with your inner cowgirl? Then giddy up to Cowgirl Up Stables! I’ve been horseback riding in Blue Ridge for over a decade and can confidently say Cowgirl Up is sure to show you a good time! To prepare for your ride, be sure to wear close-toed shoes, long pants, and bring some carrots or apples as a treat for your horses. Upon arriving at Cowgirl Up Stables, you’ll be greeted by several very friendly farm dogs. After giving the dogs some pats, make your way to the check in guest. We met the owner of the stables, who walked us through what to expect from our ride and some quick paperwork. Cowgirl Up is open to riders of all experience and comfort levels. They are also happy to tailor the ride to your liking. If you’d rather leave the horsing around to the rest of your group and hang back at the stables, there is a comfortable, shaded area to sit – and you won’t be lonely, the stable dogs are happy to keep you company!

Next, meet your experienced guide who will introduce you to your horses and give a quick overview of what to expect. Our guide happened to be the stable owner’s daughter. She told us about Cowgirl Up’s legacy in the Blue Ridge Mountains and their efforts to rehabilitate neglected horses. After you saddle up, your ride will commence trotting through rolling pastures filled with yellow flowers. Then, you’ll cross a cool for the horses to drink and perhaps dunk your toes if you’re not careful. Continue onto a shaded, wooded trail to some pretty views before returning to open pasture.

Upon request, the guides are are happy to take you for a quick canter. Though our horses were a little tired from a long day of work in the hot Georgia sun, they nonetheless obliged our requests and showed us how fast they could go! Once you return to the stable, be sure to thank your horse with some pats and some carrots or apples if you brought them. And don’t forget to say goodbye to the stable dogs!

If you’re feeling hungry after riding like we were, head to downtown Blue Ridge or the nearby Mercier Orchards for a bite. 

And be sure to take a dip in the hot tub when you get back to your cabin to alleviate any soreness!  Several of our cabins are close by and have hot tubs for you to enjoy!  Book your Horesback ride at Cowgirl Up HERE.  Book any of our Cabins HERE